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So easy, a child can help you do it.

Watch & learn folks

Kai, our youngest (and cutest) Customer Support recruit, created a puppet show to let you know how easy it is to transfer your number to Circles.Life. Transfer now in one click! 

Tips & tricks for Number Transfer

Transferring your number to Circles.Life is easy:

Circles.life easy click icon

Transfer in one click

No network disruption

No forms to fill


Here are some things to keep in mind before transferring:

Only post-paid numbers can be ported. Pre-paid numbers cannot be ported to a different telco. What you can do is port your pre-paid number to a post-paid plan within your previous telco and then port that number over to Circles.Life if you insist on keeping your number. Alternatively, you can choose from the list of free numbers available on the Circles.Life network.

We don’t do transfer fees, but if you port over while still on contract, there may be early termination penalty fees incurred. We recommend checking with your existing telco on your contract status and if any penalty will be incurred should you terminate your line. Once you have ported over successfully, your line with your previous telco will be terminated.

Do not cancel your existing number, as terminated numbers cannot be ported. Upon successful porting, your plan will be terminated automatically with your previous service provider and your number will be tied to your Circles.Life account.

If your number is registered under someone else or a company, sign up first and we’ll transfer ownership to you later in the app. We broke down the process for you right here.

Ready to transfer?

Here’s what to expect:


Order your
SIM Card

Circles.Life sim card transfer


New SIM delivered.
Subject to delivery availability.

Circles.Life sim card transfer


Activate your SIM
Card and choose your plan

Circles.Life sim card transfer


SIM activated
within 2 hours

Stuck in a lock-in contract?

Let us know when your contract ends and we’ll send you a reminder to port over to Circles.Life.
Click here for a guide on where to find your contract end date.

By submitting your details, you permit us to send you promotional and marketing updates.
Terms & Conditions apply.

Most asked questions

If delivered before 1pm: Same day 11:30pm to 2:00am. If delivered after 1pm: Next working day 11:30pm to 2:00am.

You may receive some service disruption, which is why we carry out the process late in the evening between 12:00am to 2:00am to avoid inconveniences to you.

Nothing! Just sit back and relax and we’ll do the rest. We’ll drop you messages via SMS and email to keep you updated along the way!